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‘How to wash trousers? Give it to your woman, it’s her job!’ Outrage over ‘sexist’ washing label

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UK discount clothing chain Madhouse Fashion is under fire for producing a ‘sexist’  washing instructions label.

The label states standard washing instructions followed by ‘Or give it to your woman: It’s her job.’

The jeans sparked a fury of Twitter  debate this week on whether the label was funny or downright sexist.

This week YWCA Hamilton CEO Denise Doyle made a keynote address at the 2012 Women’s Leadership Summit held at McMaster University. In her address she stated that, “until we begin to challenge the acceptance of inequality in our minds– we cannot go out into our communities and create real, physical change.”

The fact remains, gender inequality statistics haven’t changed since Trudeau introduced pay equity legislation 35 years ago. Women continue to make 77 cents on the dollar to men and we only represent 4% of CEOs across Canada.

This inequality is a manifestation of the messages we tell ourselves and the message we tell our daughters. Women systemically underestimate ourselves and those around use systemically undervalue our contributions.

Doyle concluded, “When we change the way we see ourselves – others will follow. It’s time for us to have bigger aspirations for ourselves.” Challenging ourselves to think different – to recognize our own value – starts with challenging sexist comments.

Make your voice heard. You can transform your life and those around you.


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