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HAMILTON, June 3 –YWCA Hamilton is set to showcase ywcaEncore next week at the 6th World Conference on Breast Cancer. The conference attracts hundreds of breast cancer patients, survivors and professionals from around the world.

YWCA Hamilton is offering an interactive workshop on ywcaEncore – a uniquely tailored exercise program for break cancer survivors – to conference goers on June 9 at 4:00pm at the Hamilton Convention Centre.

Women are often reluctant to exercise after breast cancer. Immediately after treatment women experience variations of pain, fatigue and difficulty reaching overhead or lying on the affected side. Many women have questions and misconceptions about their physical capability for weightlifting and carrying objects.

ywcaEncore helps to rebuild muscle strength and flexibility, manage fatigue and offer a supportive environment. The goal is to restore women to their previous abilities and lifestyle such as reaching overhead, lifting groceries, driving or carrying a purse on the affected side. As noted by one class participant, “I can take on life – I’m back to normal.”

ywcaEncore was adopted at YWCA Hamilton in 2008 and receives funding from Soroptimist International of Dundas-Ancaster-Flamborough. For more information on the conference visit www.wcbcf.ca. For more information on ywcaEncore visit www.ywcahamilton.org

YWCA Hamilton is a women-led, service organization supporting individuals through health and wellness programs for women, families, seniors and people with special needs. We advocate for the improved status of women locally and through our affiliation with YWCA Canada and the World YWCA.  


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