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Good Reads: Full Frontal Feminism

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I read this book right after I finished my undergrad and it was a very important step for me on my journey as a feminist. As the title suggests, Jessica Valenti is a firecracker, sharp with her words and oh-so- bang on. She is the co-founder of the highly trafficked website feminsting.com and a sought after writer and speaker.

Full Frontal Feminism is an excellent book for young women or women who are new to feminism. This book is current and helps to engage young women into the movement that our mothers and grandmothers worked so hard to create. However, Valenti writes not only about the ways that women have made progress but also explains why the world still needs feminism and why young women ought to be engaged in the movement. Girls, it’s personal. Feminism needs young women and young women need feminism.

Buy Full Frontal Feminism here- new or used

Other books by Valenti





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