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Two Minute Action: Sisters in Spirit


via Meaghan Ross
Housing Help Centre

As many of you are aware, there are currently over 600

Missing or Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls in Canada.SISTERS IN SPIRIT has been a catalyst for awareness and change from the level of community-based grassroots groups to that of federal policy and program development.
The goals of this initiative was to better understand the root causes of violence against Aboriginal women and girls, to identify measures to increase their safety and well-being, to increase awareness across Canada of the impact of violence against Aboriginal women and girls and to preserve the life story of lost loved ones

In March 2010, when funding for Sisters in Spirit was up for renewal, the Harper Government announced that there would be $10 million in the Federal Budget to
“address the disturbingly high number of missing and murdered Aboriginal women”
Out of that $10 Million federal budget dollars, ONLY 5% WENT TO THE NATIVE WOMENS ASSOCIATION OF CANADA
This is not enough funding to maintain the Sisters in Spirit Initiative.

The Sisters in Spirit initiative is an excellent example of the mobilization and empowerment of the Aboriginal Community through progressive leadership and innovation.
The date October 4th is now recognized across Canada as the National day to remember missing and murdered Aboriginal women.
Don’t let the Stephen Harper Government silence SISTERS IN SPIRIT.

Sign the petition, or sign a letter to stand up against systemic oppression, and to support mobilization, empowerment, and action for the Aboriginal community by the Aboriginal community.

We ask that you print off a petition and get signatures OR
Print off a letter of support, sign OR BOTH!

Bring the voices of Sisters in Spirit back.

All petitions and letters can be printed, signed, and submitted to:
Kelly Whicher, Program Manager
Contact: 905 664 1114 ext. 238


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Good Reads: Full Frontal Feminism

I read this book right after I finished my undergrad and it was a very important step for me on my journey as a feminist. As the title suggests, Jessica Valenti is a firecracker, sharp with her words and oh-so- bang on. She is the co-founder of the highly trafficked website feminsting.com and a sought after writer and speaker.

Full Frontal Feminism is an excellent book for young women or women who are new to feminism. This book is current and helps to engage young women into the movement that our mothers and grandmothers worked so hard to create. However, Valenti writes not only about the ways that women have made progress but also explains why the world still needs feminism and why young women ought to be engaged in the movement. Girls, it’s personal. Feminism needs young women and young women need feminism.

Buy Full Frontal Feminism here- new or used

Other books by Valenti




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Breast Feeding and Societal Pressues

Not that long ago we posted about a Nurse-In. One of our YWCA Canada Board members was involved!

Here’s  a follow-up article about the incredible societal pressures that breastfeeding women face.

Read the article here.

Via another excellent feminist resource on parenting and other interesting things can be found here.

In need of breast feeding support? Here is a list of La Leche League chapters.

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Some things change and some things stay the same

The world is changing!

Women are peacefully taking to the streets in Iran

Women made a difference in Egypt’s resistance against their Dictator and showed incredible courage

Women are exposing the myths of what it means to be a Muslim Woman

Change is happening for transgender high school students


And yet…somethings stay the same.

Woman face fear and harassment

South Dakota considers legalizing the murder of abortion providers

Abortion isn’t always accessible in the Great White North either…

Women are murdered in our own city.