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Haiti: One Year Later

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It’s hard to believe that 365 days have passed since the devastating earthquake in Haiti. There have been reports on the radio about collected goods from Toronto’s Haitian communities not having been picked up and delivered to Haiti. There have been reports of rape and of a big baby boom.

There have been so many messages. Don’t Give up on Haiti. You Can Still Help in Haiti. More Funds Needed for Haiti.

What struck me this morning as I read through the paper were the words of former Canadian Governor General, and current UN Ambassador to Haiti, Michaelle Jean.

She said, I cannot stand hearing … when people talk about Haitians’ resilience,” Ms. Jean said in a recent wide-ranging interview to mark the anniversary of Haiti’s earthquake. “I think that’s the worst that you can say about people, because there’s a sense of fatalism with it, as if we were born for one catastrophe after the other,” she said (See the full article here)

I think Jean’s perspective is an interesting one. While someone might comment on the resilience of the Haitians as a complement of their spirit, Jean sees this as troublesome.  And with a marred history like Haiti’s, it’s understandable while it might seem like fatalism.

If you’re looking for an interesting perspective on Haiti check out NPR’s This American Life episode Island Time.


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