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Nurse in!

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You may have seen some talk recently about how facebook hates breastfeeding. Word is that photos of mothers feeding their children are marked as inappropriate while many scantily clad photos of breasts (of non-breastfeeding women) are left be. Breast feeding is a contentious issue.

Many feminist argue that women have a right to breastfeed their babies whenever and where ever. Women are often told to leave shops, restaurants or told to “cover up” when feeding their infants. This practice forces many mothers into isolation, devoid of social interaction and afraid to leave the house with their babies. In some cases, breastfeeding “stations” (aka- a chair) are set up in busy public washrooms. These places are often crowded, smelly and again, isolated.

This morning there is a story in the Globe of a breastfeeding mother told to leave a shop who turned discrimination into an act of resistance and activism. Read all about it here.

Here are a few links about breast feeding:

World Health Organization

La Leche League Canada




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