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Conflict in Sudan

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It’s a big world out there. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to even think about the inequalities and struggles for women in our own cities, let alone our world. But today I want to share some information about Sudan.

You have probably heard about the conflict in Sudan, or at least in Darfur. There are all the pieces of a violent conflict: North vs. the South, oil, child soldiers and rape as  weapon of war.

For many in Canada, the idea of rape as a weapon of war is a new one. Check out these links for more information. Rape happens all around the world from the internal displacement camps in Haiti, in Darfur and in our own neighbourhoods. The women and children in Sudan have been suffering and paying the exorbitant price of war. Rape is hate and it must end.

This Sunday holds the long-awaited referendum on the separation of the North and the South. Let’s hold these women and children in our hearts and hope for a peaceful, fair and legitimate vote.

For more information on the referendum click here and here.

See what the General Secretary of the World YWCA had to say about Sudanese women here.

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