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Our sister YWCA in Montreal and the National Film Board of Canada produced an excellent documentary about the hypersexualization of teen and tween girls. At YWCA Hamilton we’ve hosted facilitated screenings of the film for both social service providers and the public. It’s an eye awakening documentary about the extreme pressure on young girls to be “sexy”. The documentary looks at ways in which the media spurs on this idea of sexiness and girlhood and today I stumbled across this article via feministing.com about a “sexy” child spread in French Vogue. This is inappropriate on so many levels. Children have become objects.

The website appears to be down for Vogue Paris but when it’s up and running again I will post the address in case you’re interested in writing a letter expressing your concern. While this issue is happening on the other side of the world the impacts are still felt here at home. The way the media depicts girls is become a global phenomenon. Instead of posing children in “come hither” poses, let’s instead teach them to be confident, to be strong and independent girls, to be generous and adventurous.


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