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New Year, New You?

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I was standing in an unnamed big box store this morning in a long line of consumers eagerly awaiting to purchase their goods. The lines were long and the wait felt even longer. With nothing to do but look around, my eyes fell on the magazine rack. The majority of the covers of the women’s magazines on the shelf (let’s be honest they were ALL “women’s” magazines…) had women in tiny bikinis on with words like “get skinny now” or “how she got her body back” or worse yet “lose 10 lbs in 2 months- no calorie counting!”

It makes me sad that we’re bombarded by messages of body hate. That on the first day of a new year so many of us want to look thin. Don’t get me wrong- I think it’s great to FEEL and BE healthy. I love that about working out at the YWCA-There is a beautiful emphasis on feeling great, on confidence and on having health that allows you to do all of the other wonderful things in your life.

So this year, I hope you are not hoping for a new year, a new you. Why? Because YOU is already good enough. YOU are already beautiful and powerful. Sure, you might want to spend some time at the YWCA working out with other beautiful, real women just like you…but not to change who you are. Because who you are is already just right.

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