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Women and Money

In the new year I’d like to tackle more topics about women and money. Sometimes it seems as though the financial frontier is one of lingering areas where women are outlawed. Feministing.com posted a good piece today pointing out that mearly 10% of the world’s billionaires are women. Also mentioned in the feministing piece is an article from Forbes that talks about how men benefit from mentors more often then women.

In the new year expect to see more posts about women and financial security, managing money and general financial knowledge. In Canada women are only making .77 for every dollar a man makes in full time employment. Until we see pay equity, women are going to need to use saavy financial skills to ensure their well being and security.

ps- Check out YWCA Canada Board Member Lesley Scorgie’s exceptional books on finances.


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TED Women- Sheryl Wu Dunn

I shared a video of Hillary Clinton from the recent TED Women conference last week. Today I want to share Sheryl Wu Dunn, co-author of Half the Sky, an incredible book about women around the world.

Here Sheryl talks about the global oppression of women and how we can be a part of the solution.

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Some Sites for Young Feminists

YWCA Hamilton has an mandate to pour into and empower young women. YWCA Hamilton has a wide array of excellent girls’ programming designed to build confidence, self-esteem and skills in young women. The internet can be a scary place for girls-with media saturation about what it means to be pretty or perhaps more importantly how to be “hot”.

Here’s few links to some excellent resources for teens and young women that focus on creating strong, independent and intelligent young women.

Changing what Beauty means one post-it at at time. PS- Caitlin is writing a new book aimed at teens and tweens!

Love this magazine!

GirlSpace– a safe online community for young women with LOADS of important info!

How cool is this? Helping young girls find their speed while encouraging physical activity and confidence!

Young feminists interested in women’s rights and development? Young Feminist Wire is the place for you!

The young feminists in Hamilton are at YWCA Girl’s Programs!

The RebELLES are having their 2nd pan-feminist gathering in Winnipeg in May!

Beyond Nancy Drew– An annotated list of books written for girls in the last 200 years

Brain Cake- this web site promotes math and science by creating an online community where girls can interact with their peers about current science topics, solve science mysteries, and discuss careers with young women scientists and engineers

This list of INCREDIBLE resources for girls is too huge to link…definitely worth checking out the whole list.

(image source)

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The Spirit of Giving

I love this post from feministing.com about philanthropy for young women. When we think of the word “philanthropist” images of a very old, rich male come to mind. This great article reminds us that we can ALL join in the spirit of giving this holiday season.

The key is to find an issue that you’re passionate about and share your time, resources, and even best… yourself! At YWCA Hamilton we’re passionate about making women’s lives better. We’re in the business of empowering women and girls to live their best lives.

This season please consider giving a gift to YWCA Hamilton in honour of an amazing woman in your life. What better way to honour her legacy than to ensure that other women can receive the support they need.

From our YWCA family to yours- happy holidays! Wishing you safety, love and peace.

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Conferences for Women

Have you heard of this exciting conference happening in July? Imagine meeting women from all over the world at a feminist-focused conference.  Here is a small snippet about the conference:

WW 2011 is a global convergence to advance women’s equality through research, exchange, leadership, and action.

Expected to draw some 2000 participants from around the world, WW 2011 is a unique global event that will enhance women’s leadership skills and organizational capacity, support the exchange of knowledge and ideas, and foster research and action networks on women’s issues.

The first Women’s Worlds event was a modest gathering of academics in 1981 in Israel to discuss the advent of Women’s Studies and forge networks on feminist research. Today, the congress is a large event attracting researchers, activists, policy-makers, advocates, allies, and more.

For an overview of Women’s Worlds, see this slide presentation.


Looks amazing, right?!


Another incredible conference opportunity is the World YWCA meetings taking place in July in Switzerland. The theme this is “Women Creating a Safer World”. YWCA women for every corner of the earth will connect to build relationships, share resources and ideas. YWCAs connect 25 million women together world wide and the World YWCA conference is the perfect opportunity to tangibly  see the connections.

Whether or not you can attend either of these conferences be sure to check out their websites to find great resources.



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Community Event: How to Support Survivors Workshop

The Sexual Assault Centre of Hamilton and Area (SACHA) is hosting an informative workshop on how to help support survivors of sexual assault.

Here is the information:

How to Support Survivors Workshop

Have you ever worried about a friend but didn’t know how to talk to them about it?

One in four Canadian women will experience sexual assault in their lifetime.

Most survivors of sexual violence never seek professional help. It is important that as friends we know how to respond to friends who have experienced violence.

Participants in this workshop will learn:

  • The myths that exist about rape, abuse, incest and sexual assault.
  • A survivor’s experience.
  • Canadian sexual assault laws.
  • Non-judgmental ways to respond to disclosures of violence.
  • Resources for survivors in the Hamilton community.

Date: Tuesday, January 25th

Time: 1pm—4pm

Location: YWCA Board Room – 75 MacNab Street South, Hamilton, ON

Please RSVP by January 19th at 4pm as space is limited:

905.525.4573 x231


Who is invited:

Both community members and helping professionals who would like to gain new skills.

Presented by SACHA—Sexual Assault Centre (Hamilton and Area)

Working together we can end violence against women in our community!

Please click here for the poster and information: How to Support Survivors – January 25, 2010

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TED Women: Hillary Clinton

I love TED Talks; Powerhouse conferences where speakers from all over the world come to share a 20 minute talk on issues from world peace and poverty to how to talk to your kids about sex. They are short, inspiring and best yet….free. Recently, TED hosted an all female speaking lineup at TED Women. In the next little while I’ll be sharing some videos from the conference. I hope that you feel inspired and encouraged about the wealth of wisdom that women possess.

First up?

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton

Please click HERE to be directed to the video!