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Of course the kids are alright.

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The LBGTQ community is diverse, unique and rich with beautiful stories. Like all communities there are stories of love and commitment but unfortunately, the media often misses the wealth of ‘good news’ stories, instead focusing on the more sensational. It’s easy to feel really misrepresented by the media.

It was nice to read this morning’s Globe and Mail and to find a positive story- an article dismissing many of the negative myths about same-sex parenting. This article focused primarily on lesbian mothers and used a recent  (and first!) conception-to-adolescence study of children raised in lesbian families, led by Nanette Gartrell, a psychiatrist from the UCLA School of Law.

Besides articulating that children of lesbian parents are in fact well-adjusted, the article also noted that lesbian parents tend to be more egalitarian in their parenting duties and that the non-birth mother tends to be more involved in a child’s life than a heterosexual father.

This news isn’t shocking, by any means, but it’s about time that loving and committed mothers got the recognition they deserve.

They say that parenting is the hardest job out there–and I can’t imagine how much more bigotry and oppression is felt by same-sex parents, who, like most of us, just want to raise their kids with love and stability.


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