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The War On Women

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This moving video is brought to us by Women Thrive Worldwide, an American organization who (in their own words), “is the leading non-profit organization shaping U.S. policy to help women in developing countries lift themselves out of poverty.”

As we prepare our big Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Event, we are reminded of the bigger picture. We are reminded of the 25 million women and girls connected to the YWCA movement around the world. YWCAs in countries in every corner of the globe are working to eradicate violence against women and trying to create a more just and vibrant world; a world where all people have the chance to prosper.

Violence against women in all its forms is not only in our own backyard. We are mindful as work to raise money here for our transitional housing program and the women who come to us at critical turning points in their lives that we can’t end violence alone. And thankfully, there are organizations like Women Thrive Worldwide and the YWCAs in over 125 countries that are doing anti-violence work. Together we can (and are!) making a difference.


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