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Two Minute Action: Iranian Woman Unfairly Judged

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Recently, an issue concerning an unfairly sentenced woman in Iran has attracted the attention of human rights activists and people around the world.

Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani, an Iranian woman, has been sentenced to be stoned to death for committing adultery with two men. There was “no legal proof for the charge of adultery” and despite regular denial of the accusation, Mohammadi-Ashtiani is still being charged.

This charge comes following a previous sentence, in 2006, for having “illicit relations” with two men; she received 99 lashes for that. Mohammadi-Ashtiani has been in prison for the last five years because of the first charge.

This second sentence of stoning to death defies Iranian law which does not allow a person to be charged twice for the same offence. Since Mohammadi-Ashtiani has already received lashes for her first crime, she cannot be rightfully charged again.

Equality Now has started a petition to help get Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani released from prison and from her unfair sentence.

Here is a little piece of the petition itself,

I am writing to you about Sekineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani, who has been sentenced to death by stoning for adultery, a charge she denies. Ms. Mohammadi-Ashtiani was sentenced to 99 lashes for having “illicit relations” on 15 May 2006 and has already served five years in prison in Tabriz… It is my understanding that under Iranian law a second charge relating to an offence of which a person has already been convicted may not be brought.  In the case at hand, Ms. Mohammadi-Ashtiani has already been convicted and punished on the same set of facts. 

Please have a look at the petition, and consider signing it aswell.

Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani needs your help!

UPDATE: Great news! As of July 9, 2010, Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani is not to receive death by stoning from the Iranian government. This is amazing news, and thank you to everyone who signed the petition.

No one deserves that sort of punishment.


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