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Caster’s Comeback

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At the IAAF Athletics World Championships in August 2009, Caster Semenya, a South African woman, won gold in the Women’s 800m race.

Winning a gold medal should be a happy occasion, right?

Wrong. Winning gold medal at the IAAF World Championships ended up being a terrible whirl-wind of rumours and false accusations for Caster Semenya who was accused of not meeting, according to ESPN, “the requirements to compete as a woman.”

After the win, the South African runner was asked to complete various gender-determining tests in order to confirm if she is, well, a woman.

Many people are outraged and believe the the situation is “being handled insensitively”. As of July 6, 2010, Semenya was cleared to compete although the specific results are being kept confidential for privacy reasons.

Read the article. Do you think the situation is being handled properly? Should Caster’s gender even be in question?

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