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Two Minute Action: Craigslist

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A lot of people know about and have used Craigslist. I know that I have–I’ve purchased 2 “new to me” bikes from people in my area. It’s a great way to buy and sell things for a decent price. Heck, re-using and reselling items is even good for the enviroment.

But, buying and selling women, girls and human trafficking victims is also possible on Craigslist.

This petition gives some background,

Last year, Craigslist.org announced they would remove their erotic services section.  The announcement came after pressure from the anti-trafficking community and complaints that Craigslist was being used widely to promote prostitution, sometimes involving children and human trafficking victims.

However, that section has been replaced with an adult services section which contains many of the same ads, though now thinly disguised as legal erotic services.  The change has been in the title alone, not in the content.

Please take a moment to read the petition and consider adding your name.

Women and girls are not for sale.


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