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March 22nd is World Water Day

Think of all of the water that you’ve already used today. Did you shower this morning? Did you brush your teeth? Use the washroom? Make coffee? Wash your hands? Drank tea? Cleaned your home?

In Canada, a land teeming with fresh water, it’s often very easy to take water for granted both in quality and quantity. if you’re like me, you probably rarely think about how lucky you are to have access to safe, clean water in close proximity at all times.

But- there are many, many (over 1, ooo ooo ooo) in fact who are not as fortunate at as us. Over 2.5 billion people don’t have access to a safe latrines or toilets. In the developing world women and children are often hit the hardest. Child mortality rates soar due to water-borne diseases and diarrhea. Women are most often the ones to walk miles a day to collect water for their families, a practice that is often unsafe due to violence and conflict.

In solidarity with those around the world who do not have adequate access to clean water, here are a few links on water and resources on World Water Day.

World Water Day

5 Tips to protecting our greatest resource

UN World Water Day

The Council of Canadians: World Water Day

The Huffington Post: Reflecting on World Water Day


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Women Who Make a Difference

On March 11th at the Hamilton Club, YWCA Hamilton proudly announced the nominees for the 2010 Women of Distinction Gala. These 48 women have truly made a difference in our community. Whether it’s in business, through volunteerism or social action, each of the nominees has an inspiring story.

Check out the Spectator coverage here!

The Women of Distinction Gala is on May 4th, 2010 at the Hamilton Convention Centre.

For more information visit our website or call 905 522-9922 x111

[photo credit: Jan Lukas]

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Happy International Women’s Day

What a BEAUTIFUL day! It’s 12 degrees out and SUNNY…a perfect combo for International Women’s Day. Of course everyday is International Women’s Day at YWCA Hamilton, but we’re pretty happy when the rest of the world joins us in celebrating women and girls 🙂

A lot of incredible things have been going on here at YWCA Hamilton. On Friday March 5th, we welcomed 200 high school girls for our annual Jill Rumble Totally Awesome Young Women’s Breakfast. It was a really fun and inspiring morning–complete with lots of engery and conspiring! Students planned new “challenges” or initiatives for to help make their schools and/or communities better for everyone. We had a fantastic student speaker who shared her story of volunteering and spoke about how volunteering has greatly impacted her life.

The Spectator wrote a great article about the event that you can see here!  

Today, the YWCA took part in the annual International Women’s Day event -coordinated by SACHA. We headed up the child minding and it was a blast!

Lots of photos to follow!