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Women of Distinction 2010

What makes a woman distinct? Recent volatility in the business sector has prompted many to ask what role women’s leadership might play in the recovery.

YWCAs across Canada celebrate the women who lead in their communities through their trademarked Women of Distinction Award. YWCA Hamilton opened nominations in November and closes them mid-February.

“A Woman of Distinction is not cut from a single cloth”, says Cathie Pead, CEO of YWCA Hamilton. “She can be the leader who goes the extra mile, the foremother, who broke through barriers for others, the young woman who shows promise beyond her years, or the hard-working woman behind the scenes. A Woman of Distinction shows vision, creativity and initiative.”

To nominate someone, please visit, http://www.ywcahamilton.org/events/ or for more information, please contact Caitlin MacLennan, 905 522 9922 x111 or at cmaclennan@ywcahamilton.org


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France to adopt bill to get more women in the boardroom

The Globe and Mail published a short article on Jan 22/10 (that I can’t seem to find online) that states France’s lower parliament adopted a bill on January 21st 2010 that will force large companies to allocate at least 40% of their boardroom positions for women, within 6 years.

The Globe reports that companies will have three years to ensure that their board is 20% women and six years to have 40% of their board female.

Norway (2003) and Spain (2007) both have adopted boardroom quotas and Belgium is suspected to going down a similar path soon.

What do you think? Do quota policies attack the roots of inequality or are they too limited in their objective, effecting only a small percentage of women?

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Dora Goes Shopping…

First things first– have you seen our new UPDATED and information LOADED website?! Check it out here! 

In other news, be sure to stop by GirlSpace and read the blog by YWCA Canada’s new intern. She wrote a great post about “updating” Dora the Explorer, a popular children’s cartoon. Dora, once a pudgy, cute toddler type played with her friends and lived up to her “Explorer” title. New ‘tween Dora has ditched the backpack for a sporting a “slender figure, a flowy dress with bow, long hair, earrings, a necklace, pretty eyelashes, and… is that lip gloss?”

If you’re moved, let Nickelodeon and Mattel know what you think. The link is at the end of the blog post.