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Never Enough

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I was shocked when I recently saw an ad on t.v with Brooke Shields promoting a new eyelash growth drug recently approved by the FDA. Apparently this drug (made by the makers of Botox) can help people (read: the ad was clearly targeted at women) who have hypotrichosis, a condition in which no hair grows on the eyelid. Another possible market for this new drug is people who have undergone chemotherapy and have not had their eyelashes go back.

And while those two reason might be good and well, I couldn’t help but think, having short eyelashes myself, that this drug was just another giant reminder about the objectification and microscopic criticism that women face every day. As if cankles month wasn’t bad enough, now we’re being told that our eyelashes need even MORE attention than the  hundreds of dollars of eye makeup products that many women purchase to make their eyes look “sexier”.

Sigh. Imagine if rather than thinking about ways to use drugs to grow eyelashes that only rich women will be able to afford, the brilliant scientists channeled more energy in finding cures for cancer or HIV/AIDS.


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