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Sometimes a Picture says 1000 words…


In case you haven’t seen this yet (via feministing) this sad graph demonstrates the percentage of women and girls aged 15-49 who think it’s ok for their husbands to hit them. Percentages peak in Jordan where 90% of women polled reported that they think a husband is justified in beating hit wife under certain circumstances.

See the full results here.

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Female Supervisors More Likely to be Sexually Harassed

HealthDay is reporting surprising stats that show that women in supervisor positions are more likely to be sexually harassesd at work than women in lower level positions.

Researchers used data on nearly 600 men and women aged 29 and 30 who took part in the 2003 and 2004 Youth Development Study, a prospective study of adolescents that began in 1988 when participants were in the ninth grade in St. Paul, Minn., public schools. The data also included in-depth interviews with 33 participants.

About 36 percent of men and women had experienced some form of sexual harassment in 2004, including offensive material, discussions of sex, staring or leering, invasion of personal space, questions about one’s private life or unwanted touching.

About 46 percent of female supervisors and 33 percent of women who didn’t supervise others had experienced sexual harassment. According to one statistical model, women who supervised others were 137 percent more likely to be harassed, the researchers said.

Non-immigrants were also 2.8 times more likely to be sexually harassed than those born outside the United States, the study authors noted.

 Be sure to read the rest of the article here.

h/t SACHA for the article.


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Sexism: German Style


Take a look at a classy, classy billboard being used the campaign for the German elections.

The billboard features Chancellor Angela Merkel and Vera Lengsfeld (both from the conservative CDU party) and show both women wearing low cut dresses and revealing ample cleavage.

The election placards were put out by Lengsfeld, 57, who is running an a longshot, leftist riding. Merkel was not consulted about the billboards.

The slogan of the poster, written across their breasts, reads. “we’ve got more to offer.”


That’s the best they’ve got?

While Lengsfeld was most likely attempting to be cheeky and provocative (she has had 17,000 hits to her website) it’s unfortunate that she’s chosen to use female sex appeal to reach potential voters.


August is Self Esteem Awareness Month

Recently, Gold’s Gym declared July as “Cankles Awareness Month.” Yes, you read it correctly, CANKLES. What is that you might ask? Basically, its a word that further deconstructs  and objectifies the body. In lay(wo)man’s terms “cankles” basically means”chubby ankles”. Yes ladies, you thought you only had to worry  about your “muffin top” and your “crow’s feet”–now you can add “cankles” to your list of concerns.

 See the video and Feministing.com’s analysis of this bogus “awareness” month here.

Imagine Today has taken the creative route and has deemedAugust as Self Esteem Month, in response to Gold’s Ridiculous campaign.

There is a calendar outlining each day in August that either seeks to change one’s mindset, actions or world.

Take today for example:

August 5th – Complimenting others is easy, complimenting yourself is the tricky thing (that is, until you’ve had some practice!) Lets play a little game to make it easier: make up a silly rule (like  “every time I pass a mirror today I have to think one good thing about my body” or “every hour I have to think about one thing I love about myself”) and stick to it for the whole day.

Why not follow Image Today’s example and declare August “Self Esteem” month. Let’s not waste our energy on ridiculous marketing campaigns that tell us that something is wrong with our bodies and nitpick to the point where our ankles have their own “disorder”.