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Voices of Our Future

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World Pulse is a really neat media organization that covers global issues through the eyes of women around the world. 

This beautiful poem on their website seems to do a good job at describing their mission:


Let us be a loudspeaker
for women of the world.

Let us call forth voice
where before there was silence.

Let us stand back while they speak up,
for their words are so beautiful they
need no adornment.

Let us be their platform, their forum,
their safe haven, their sanctuary,
an amplifier no one can ignore.

Let us create a world where women are
not only free, but empowered so greatly
as to be unstoppable.

A world where women can
transform her life as well as the lives of those
around her by simply raising her voice.

One voice at a time, millions of voices strong.

Until the sound is so deafening, the whole
world will hear their music.

It’s not just a dream—it’s a revolution
that has already begun.

This is the pulse that transforms the world.


Be sure to take a look around the World Pulse Website and check out this especially neat project called “Voices of Our Future” that will train 30 young leaders with new social media skills to broadcast news from some of the most forgotten communities around the globe.

The 2009 list of correspondents is inspiring ! This is a great example of a creative way to promote women’s voices in the media and to also gain a more balanced, less “western” perspective on the news.


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