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Looking for a great gift for a friend?

Looking to make a statement with your clothing?

Want to celebrate INFLUENTIAL women in history?

Check out KM Stitchery.


Meet the brains, hands and heart behind the business!

(photo source)

KM stitchery makes HAND CUT stencils of your favourite feminists and prints the on recycled clothing–ethical, fashionable and meaningful.

I have personally ordered three shirts from KM Stitchery and have been SO impressed with the quality and originality!

Some of the feminists available include: Emma Goldman. Gloria Steinem & Dorothy Pitman Hughes. bell hooks. Simone de Beauvoir. Lucy Stone. Audre Lorde. Susan B Anthony. Angela Davis. Yuri Kochiyama. Victoria Woodhull. Gertrude Stein. Alice Paul. Frida Kahlo. Bella Abzug. Charlotte Brontë. Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Gloria E. Anzaldua. Alice Walker.

Visit the KM Stitchery Etsy Shop

Visit the KM Stitchery Blog






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