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Two Minute Action: Operation Beautiful

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It’s not news that women today face a LOT of pressure from the media to look a certain way. Way too many girls grow up feeling inadequate, not pretty enough and plain ole’ BAD about themselves.

Our Girls Program staff are consistently trying to come up with new ways  to open a dialogue with the girls they work with about healthy body image, self esteem and the basic fact that you are enough…just as you are.

operationbeautiful.com  is a website (and a growing movement, I might add) that is devoted to breaking down the unattainable (and false) ideal of what “beautiful” means.

The premise is simple: As a way to end what the creator Caitlin calls “fat talk“, she decided to start a mission of random acts of kindness…in the form of post-it notes.





She began by leaving the notes on mirrors in public washrooms and at the grocery store. She created operationbeautiful.com to share her mission and encourage others to get on board.

It’s so simple- all you need is pen and a piece of paper.

So, why not consider leaving a note somewhere today. You never know who will find it or who NEEDS to be reminded how beautiful they really are.  Write operationbeautiful.com on the bottom of your note and check the website later to see if the person who finds it posts a picture of your note.

Check out the video HERE!

YOU are beautiful (pass it on!)


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