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Two Minute Action: Say “NO” to Violence Against Women

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Say NO
UNiTE to End Violence against Women is a driver of actions on ending violence against women and girls. It aims to collect and demonstrate 1 million actions by March 2010, engaging people from all walks of life in advocacy and prevention of  violence against women (VAW), and moving governments to implement laws and policies to address the issue.  An “action” can be a signature, number of youths reached through workshops and programmes in schools, signatures on a petition for a new law or policy. In essence, Say NO offers a ready and flexible platform for multiple actors to take actions on international, national, community and individual levels, driving home the message that ending violence against women is in each of our hands and we all must play our role in saying NO.


Say NO works on two levels: 

  • On the global level, UNIFEM will issue calls for action around significant dates and priority issues.
  • At the local/national/regional levels, Say NOwill co-brand initiatives by UNIFEM field offices, governments and partner organizations so that they may pursue their national/local priorities and can still use the highly visible and social media friendly platform, connecting their efforts to a global network. (For example, Youth Say NO, Say NO to Domestic Violence, etc.)

Say NO to violence against women! Take two minutes and add your signature to the 5 Million  others that have already pledged to not be silent.

Click here to add your name


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