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It’s not news that today’s youth love the Internet- in fact, they’ve never known life without the Internet.

Despite the many great aspects about the online world (what did we DO before google!?) there are also many dangers, especially for youth.

YWCA Canada has been working hard to be a leader in the area of girls advocacy and programming. Recently YWCA Canadalaunched a brand new online place and space for young girls.

The Girl Space website not only looks amazing, but is FILLED with relevant and interesting information for young girls. Always ‘with it’ YWCA Canada, in the spirit of ‘web 2.0’ recognized the need for girls to be able to contribute to their places and spaces– so they created a safe (password required) forum, so girls across the country can talk about important issues like positive body image, self esteem and bullying.

There is lots of information about health, Internet safety, and budgeting. Girl Space is a great resource for youth workers, teachers, parents and girls. If you know of young girl, let her know about Girl Space and you’ll guarantee that she’ll be able to access legit and pertinent information.


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