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The Girl Project

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stumbled across this amazing project and was inspired- I had to share!

Check out The Girl Project —

In their own words,

The Girl Project is a national collection of photographs taken by teenage girls. The photographs represent teenage girlhood and life as seen through the eyes of young women in America. The strongest images will be edited into a book and a traveling exhibition on female adolescence….

Participation in The Girl Project is FREE. All we need from you is your time and creativity. Your photographs tell the story. Shoot what and who you want. Shoot close-up or from far away. Use the film to photograph 1 or 36 subjects. Take pictures of people, things or landscapes. Take self portraits. Use the camera to express your feelings and thoughts – happy, sad, angry or indifferent. Be thoughtful or careless, formal or informal, traditional or experimental, literal or symbolic. Photography is a visual way to communicate your ideas and opinions to the world.

This is an American project, which is unlucky for Canadian girls. However, the notion behind the project is that girl’s voices matter. It tells us that what girls see and experience matter. And, perhaps most importantly, The Girl Project is an outlet for girls to be creative and imaginative, to be seen and heard.

Take a gander at Photovoice an extremely cool project out of our very own Hamilton.  Here is a snippet from the “about” page:

Photovoice Hamilton is designed to give people a chance to share their views, ideas, and experiences. In particular, issues of poverty and housing are being targeted. Project photographers call themselves “marginalized”, which means they might be unemployed, homeless, living in substandard housing, living with illness, or with a disability. In other words, facing any kind of hardship.



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