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“Eye Tracking” Poster

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Holy technology Batman!


Amnesting International has released a new poster campaign that responds to people looking at it!

The message is ” It happens when nobody is watching” and is aimed at creating awareness about violence against women and makes the point that things are not always what they seem.

How it works:

There is an “eye tracking” camera attached to the digital board. When there are no eyes detected on the poster, the image that appears is where a man is striking his female partner. When the camera detects eyes (the viewer is looking directly at the poster) the image shifts to one of the couple looking posed, happy and put-together.

What is so interesting  about this ad campaign is that it proves it’s own point with the switching of the photos- when the person looks directly at it, everything appears to be “fine” – but a glance away reveals that there is abuse .

Check it out for yourself!

Kudos to Amnesty for using innovation and technology to create awareness about a very serious problem.

If you’re in the Hamilton area and are experiencing abuse, or know someone who is Woman Abuse Working Group has resources that can help you, including how to cover your tracks online.

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