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Love Your Body

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The NOW Foundation hosts an annual Love Your Body Poster contest.

Here is what they say about the contest:

The grand prize winning poster will be used as part of a national campaign to challenge the media’s use of violent, drug-addicted, starved, surgically-enhanced images of women and to fight against industries that profit from women’s dissatisfaction with their bodies.

The deadline for entries this year is December 1st 2009.

Take a look at the 2009 winners for inspiration and then start conspiring about the poster that YOU are going to enter this December. How fantastic would it be to have a woman from Hamilton win?!


Marie Bushbaum, Grand Prize Winner, 2009


Category 1 2009 winner, Open,  Yvette Shore
Hamilton, New Zealand


Category 2 2009 winner, University and College: Lisa Champ
Utica, New York


Category 3 2009 winner, High School: Jorge Cortez
Fontana, California


Category 4 2009 Winner, Middle and Elementary School: Vijeyta V. Revankar
Seabrook, Texas

See more past winners here!

Start dreaming about your poster and “love your body” message now!  Let’s use our creative forces to celebrate women and promote health body image!


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